About the Co.

Based in Lancaster, PA, we specialize in wood burnings that are individually hand-lettered and artisan made: from cooking spoons and natural wood slices, to personalized wedding hangers. If it's wood, we'll turn it into a work of art that is personal to you and makes your space feel just a little bit more like home.

Each piece is hand-lettered and burned by a real person... 

no lasers or computer fonts, here! 

1229SC is driven by faith, community, and design.

Inspired by Hebrews 12:29, we believe that all people are infinitely loved and valued by a God who designed everything and deserves all of the glory. Our desire is that you would recognize that you are beautifully and intentionally created, just like our products.

(We don't require you to agree, but we just thought you should know how we already feel about you.)

Twelve Twenty-Nine Supply Co. seeks to pour back into the local community. Because we are a small business, your support is going to a few places. First, your support goes back into the business. We desire to grow and improve our methods and equipment so that each time you come back, you are always satisfied! Second, your support goes back into the community of Lancaster and its small businesses (like our screen-printer over at Big Planet Apparel, or Christine and Steph who organize the Makers Markets we participate in). Thirdly, because of this, your support goes to real people and real families.

Lastly, we have a passion for design. We are constantly discovering other hand-letterers and artists who inspire us to challenge and improve ourselves. Our owner personally designs for Primitives by Kathy, which means that designs are being fostered by fresh creativity and the latest trends to bring you product that you can enjoy!

Our story

The wood burning that started it all...

Twelve Twenty-Nine Supply Co. began in the winter of 2015 as a present for a college roommate. After a trip to Target to purchase a Walnut Hollow wood burner and a wood round, it was decided that this Christmas present was going to be a gift that kept on giving...

...and giving and giving.

Since the winter of 2015, Twelve Twenty-Nine Supply Co. has fulfilled hundreds of orders and has expanded from wood rounds to wooden spoons, wooden hangers, t-shirts, and wedding decor!

Thank you for your continued support!

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